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Dir: Carlotta Piccinini

Dop: Salvo Lucchese

Color Grader: Walter Cavatoi

Italy, 2013


Enaction is an audiovisual narration, the staging of an organic form that produces its own world through the perception and movements of his own body.
The organism interrogates the environment both by delimiting as space and sound: sensory and motility define a world that becomes real only when it is lived.

Enaction’s sequencing of selected colors represents the different/diverse ages of organic form, which regenerates constantly and every phase of life that closes prelude to the next one. The fragments of liquid bodies narrate the form’s life experience; its own changes define the sound field and become sound themselves - the result of long field recordings, recordings of organ, digital synthesis.

The living form is an actual element and is narrated here in all of the mutations assumed through the shooting of each evolutionary phase, obtained by exploiting some principles of physics (non-Newtonian fluids) and chemistry (a combination of various elements at different temperatures of water). The final result is a digital modulation of a process "analogical" to its origin.

Enaction is an experimental project completely spontaneous, tending to rediscover and re-act the beginnings of motion graphics (when graphics in motion were produced by processes of generation and resumption of images totally analogical), adapting it to the technology models produced by the digital revolution.

*‘’Enaction’’ is a term used by a particular approach to cognition developed by neurophysiologist Francisco Varela, according to whom every living organism, through cognition intended as embodied action, develops a dynamic relationship with the surrounding environment. The enaction, or production of minds and worlds, identifies the root of cognition from sensomotoria action of the body coupled with the environment.

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